I’ve found a hangover cure, that actually works

I was promised a night out with a hangover free morning, and to my surprise, it actually worked.

*This article originally appeared on the Daily Telegraph here.

Waking up the next day with a pounding headache, feeling grumpy and anxious after a night of drinking – that’s my worst nightmare.

Even just a couple of glasses of wine can throw off my entire next day, to the point where I’ve mostly cut alcohol out of my life.

But let’s be real, I’m still partial to a cheeky tipple with my besties, and don’t like to pass up the chance for a tasty cocktail.

This could be the cure to you next hangover.

This could be the cure to you next hangover.

With weddings, engagements, and 30th birthday bashes popping up left, right and centre, I’ve found myself wishing for a way to enjoy a few drinks without suffering the consequences the morning after.

So, when an invite landed in my inbox promising a hangover-free morning, I was intrigued.

Stepping into the alc-eze pop up bar, located at Surry Hill’s Nocturne, I was greeted by a cosy vibe, complete with board games, top-notch drinks, and welcoming staff.

It felt like any other night out, except this time, I may have been waking up without that dreaded hangover feeling. Could it really work?

Before diving into our drinks, the bar staff handed my boyfriend and I a small packet containing three blue supplements – the secret to our hangover-free morning.

alc-eze pop up bar Surry Hills

alc-eze pop up bar Surry Hills

These alc-eze tablets were a tad larger than your average vitamin, so if you struggle with swallowing big pills, fair warning, this might not be your solution.

Downing the pills, we indulged in a few espresso martinis as the DJ played a chilled disco-house set while we played intense rounds of Connect Four (spoiler alert: I lost every round).

A few hours and drinks later, we headed home and, to my pleasant surprise, enjoyed a restful night’s sleep – normally, even one or two drinks would leave me tossing and turning.

The real test came in the form of my boyfriend’s Oura ring sleep tracker.

Instead of relying solely on how he felt, being the data aficionado he is, he consulted his sleep score. To his amazement, it resembled that of a night where alcohol hadn’t been involved at all.

So, what’s the magic ingredient in alc-eze? Turns out, it’s Nashi pear – a fruit renowned for its health and anti-inflammatory properties for over 3000 years.

An Australian government study even showed that consuming enough Nashi Pear before drinking can slash hangover symptoms by a staggering 80 per cent.

Alc-eze also contains Damiana, a nutrient which boosts enzymes to process alcohol and alleviate hangover symptoms, including headaches, while also increasing mental energy, libido, and reducing anxiety.

Plus, it contains kudzu, which helps flush out acetaldehyde-the notorious toxin responsible for hangover symptoms as well as huang-qin, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

B vitamins, milk thistle, and molybdenum, are also part of the mix.

We felt pretty good Sunday, so the pills seem to have done the trick.

However, we only had a few drinks – so if you had a couple more, I can’t speak to its efficacy.

It’s got me thinking I might head to the markets this weekend for some Nashi pears, but I could also see the merits in sticking a couple of alc-eze pills in my purse for when they are out of season.

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